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This study program is an excellent option for those interested in acquiring skills in the field of tourism, corporate communication, protocol and event organization, while developing digital skills to stand out in the current job market.

The Degree in Tourism offers complete training in the tourism sector, with special emphasis on the management and planning of tourism activities, marketing and promotion of tourist destinations, as well as customer service and human resources management in tourism companies. On the other hand, the Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization offers complete training in the areas of corporate communication, protocol and event organization, as well as project and team management.

The Postgraduate in Digital Skills Specialist complements both degree programs, offering complete training in the digital skills necessary to stand out in the current job market, such as digital marketing, e-commerce, social network management and web analytics, among other.

The Felipe Moreno - Nebrija Higher Education Center has a highly qualified teaching team with experience in the sector, which guarantees quality training and practical teaching adapted to the needs of the current labor market.

In addition, this study program offers students the opportunity to carry out internships in companies in the tourism, communication and events sectors, which allows them to gain experience and put into practice the knowledge acquired during their training.

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Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Organization of events
On-site | 240 ECTS

Corporate communication is a fundamental part of the strategy of companies and institutions. Reputation management and the relationship with its audiences position organizations and differentiate them.

Everything communicates: from business actions to the relationship with employees, including social commitment. Silence is not an option in a hyperconnected society and communication professionals are gaining more and more weight in organizations.

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in Tourism

On-site | 240 ECTS

Tourism is one of the pillars of the Spanish economy. Currently, Spain ranks second worldwide both in receiving tourists and in income derived from said activity.

The tourism sector, for its part, is the one that contributes the most wealth to our economy, representing 14.6% of GDP and creating 2.8 million jobs linked to the sector. For the part that falls to the Balearic Islands, tourism represents 34.8% of GDP.

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Postgraduate Specialist in
Digital skills

On-site | 60 ECTS

This Postgraduate is oriented to cover the training needs of our socioeconomic environment.

Taking a specialization diploma makes it easier for the student to complement their official training, in order to contribute to their comprehensive training and improve their positioning in the labor market for companies that are looking for talent.

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Executive MBA
Hotel and Tourist Management

On-site | 60 ECTS

The MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management is a postgraduate program organized by the Felipe Moreno Higher Education Center and taught online/online.

The main objective of the program is the development of the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to promote your professional career within international hotel companies. The program is adapted to the European Higher Education Area and has a workload equivalent to 60 ECTS credits with a duration of one academic year divided into five modules.

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