Escuela de Turismo de Baleares Education Palma de Mallorca Balears, Illes
Tourism is one of the pillars of the Spanish economy. Currently, Spain ranks second worldwide both in receiving tourists and in income derived from said activity. The tourism sector, for its part, is the one that contributes the most wealth to our economy, representing 14.6% of GDP and creating 2.8 million jobs linked to the sector. For the part that falls to the Balearic Islands, tourism represents 34.8% of GDP.

It is a cutting-edge, modern, dynamic and multidisciplinary sector that offers numerous job opportunities and demand for professionals with specific and differentiated training in tourism. New and complex challenges, such as the maturity of some destinations or the need to implement sustainable models that are respectful of the environment, require increasing the competitiveness of companies and institutions. This complexity of the sector, that is to say, the new demands of the market, the revolution of new technologies and the changes operated in society, make it necessary to renew strategies and management models of the knowledge society.

All of this explains the strong demand for these studies in the Balearic Islands, where employment opportunities for Tourism graduates are practically guaranteed. The study plan of the Degree is designed to train students in the management and direction of tourism companies or any field.

*Degree issued by the University of the Balearic Islands. Enrollment in the first year is not allowed (curriculum in extinction)