Escuela de Turismo de Baleares Education Palma de Mallorca Balears, Illes
Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Organization of Events

4 years
240 ECTS
40 seats

Specialize with the Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Organization of Events

Since the 2022-2023 academic year, the Felipe Moreno Higher Education Center has launched the Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Organization of Events, betting on a discipline that continues to increase its professional projection. Currently, the area of corporate and institutional communication is one of the most employable professional opportunities. In addition, the protocol and the organization of events have regained an important role both in public institutions and in private entities, especially in the field of planning internal and external events, and in the final image of the institution.

Corporate communication is a fundamental part of the strategy of companies and institutions. Reputation management and the relationship with its audiences position organizations and differentiate them. Everything communicates: from business actions to the relationship with employees, including social commitment. Silence is not an option in a hyperconnected society and communication professionals are gaining more and more weight in organizations.

On the other hand, the protocol establishes the X-ray of the organizations and their interrelationships, and it does so with a careful staging with complex technical, artistic and design approaches as containers for the messages and values that organizations want to convey to their target audiences. .

Events, for their part, generate brand experience and become a tool that provides direct added value in relations between organizations and audiences. Likewise, events are considered by professionals and academics as a tool that is integrated into the relational strategy of organizations with their audiences, and an instrument for the projection (internal and external) of corporate image and reputation. Events are the direct communication of a reality, they not only provide image and value, but also transparency. For this reason, the organizers consider them a powerful marketing tool.

It is precisely the purpose of specifically addressing the demand generated in each of these two areas that motivates the degree study plan to include two professionalization itineraries, one in protocol and the other in event organization, located in the fourth course.

This degree is perfect training for students with an interest in the management of social public relations and business communication processes. A degree that requires a vocational nature and a spirit marked by proactivity, the desire to learn and curiosity.